There’s light at the end of the tunnel with the further easing of restrictions in Scotland, continued success of the vaccine and anticipation of gathering again.

However, despite the positive moves towards normality – planning your next event can still be an intimidating task. Anxieties about a future lockdown, socialising on such scale again, and uncertainty about where you’d even start.

If this is all ringing true for you, then listen here, you need to know about the latest event trend: micro-events. These events are have been increasingly popular the past year and are simply events of up to 50 people.

In some ways, micro-events have been forced onto the events industry. A result of the need to radically adapt and fit into the created environment. With shifting regulations, reduced working hours and locations, micro-events have been a space for defiant celebration and we’ve kind of like it!

These more intimate events are something event organisers, and party-goers have realised actually has a place.

Let Us Tell You Why!


The bigger the better? Well, this isn’t always the case. Party attendees are rarely concerned about the size of the event, but instead, care about how they feel when at the event. Reduced numbers mean the experience is shared amongst all attendees rather than the party sectioning off into wee familiar groups.

  • Smaller numbers mean more manageable requests, so personalisation for individual attendees is far more achievable. If the idea of bespoke customisation is important to you, micro-events are just your bag.
  • If you know there will be a lot of children at the event then make food fun & interactive. Set up a make-your-own-pizza station with one of our incredible wood fire pizza caterers; because let’s be real, playing with food will always be fun.
  • Maybe you’re celebrating your mum‘s 60th and you know her favourite cocktail is an Espresso Martini. Book a mobile bar and get them to do a cocktail making session.

Adding these additional extras elevates the event experience and work well with more intimate numbers.

A micro event can take any form, weddings, private celebrations or corporate events. The term micro event purely concerns limited guest numbers – anything with under 50 guests.

Other than that, the format is fully customisable to how you want your event to look, run and feel. Kit out your garden with a woodfired pizza truck serving up delicious slices for all your family members; or even an intimate, remote wedding service on a Scottish beachfront, with a BBQ on-site serving grilled platters for all your guests (toasted smoor’s for afters!)

Here’s a roundup of a few caterers you can book for your micro event on AndMunch today:


Pakora Explorer:

Add a whole load of flavour and sprinkle over spice onto your event by getting the Pakora Explorer team down to serve up some…you guessed it…Pakoras!

This family-run business uses recipes passed down from generation to generation, so you can be sure that the recipe is now perfected.

Pakoras are fried Indian snacks which can be made to suit a variety of dietary requirements. For vegetarians, they have the traditional veg pakoras. Or go for the age-old classic with their chicken pakoras, which is sure to be a favourite amongst your guests.




Wild And Smoky:

Forget smoke machines and instead book Wild and Smoky for your next event. These guys are the kings of all things smoked meat as they deliver an authentic Texan BBQ experience.

Their food is inspired by natural cooking methods, expect to see burning chunks of wood to flavour the meats & cooking directly over hot coals to really enhance the taste

It doesn’t stop there though. Wild and Smoky also use homemade spice rubs and sauces to really amp up the flavour yet again.





Allium Catering:

Next up we have Allium Catering. These guys are nailing small-scale event catering. They do food for any occasion – think dinner parties in your own home, fancy lunch buffets or a small intimate wedding.

They have the skill and experience to deliver this & more. All their food is cooked from scratch with the highest quality ingredients to create dishes that both taste and look delicious.

Allium Catering took a break from events over the Covid period. As things open back up for the industry they cannot wait to get back out and start catering your events.





Written by Sophie, our Marketing Assistant. Sophie is a recent uni grad, a huge food lover & passionate about tindependent businesses!